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Social Media for Women’s Fashion Brands

Crowd Media HQ- Social Media for Fashion

Crowd Media HQ- Social Media for Fashion

Social media is the perfect fit for women’s fashion. It is a platform where users can share their lives with friends, particularly from a visual perspective. A woman’s attire is often a prominent feature of her social media profile, potentially shared and liked by over hundreds, or even thousands, of people. If your brand is the one being worn and showcased, it is a positive benefit for you, fostered by social media.

Fashion is often the centerpiece of the photos women take of themselves, or have taken of them on their Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. They show their new purchases to friends and family, discuss the latest trends, and share their collections. The clothing brands they wear act as a representation of who they are. Many brands are getting online to be in that space, and further engage with an active and interested audience by showcasing the best and newest looks through a visual portfolio.

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the biggest visual platforms to share women’s fashion online. From posting individual pieces of clothing from new and old collections on Instagram, or a whole portfolio on Pinterest, these two pictorial applications are the easiest and most effective way to create a visual masterpiece of your brand’s clothing.

Facebook and Twitter, whilst also possessing photo sharing capabilities, are most useful for sharing information. From creating consumer events on Facebook, to tweeting live updates and announcements or ‘retweeting’ industry news on Twitter, or providing written customer service on both, Twitter and Facebook are your information portals.

Blogs are another strong tool for sharing information regarding your brand. Women, in particular, are very responsive to blogs, which can be important bearers of visual and written content, news, styles, ideas and design. Platforms such as WordPress allow users to design a distinctive look and feel about their brand that can be read and interacted with by many users.

  • 50% of Australian women run their own blog,
  • 68% of women had bought something based on a blog review
  • 43% of blog readers had researched blogs before making a purchasing decision.
  • 75% percent of those who read blogs said a blog or blog post had changed the way they felt about their life
  • 67% of businesses form relationships with customers through blogging

(Source: Power Retail, 2012)

Overall, social media has enabled audiences to feel more connected with fashion on a personal level. It allows them to interact with their brand of choice, and fully immerse themselves in the brand’s online presence. In many ways, seeing the fashion industry communicating with consumers almost humanizes it. It allows customers to voice opinions right to the source while showing off.

In 2013, the Business Review Weekly described how one women’s clothing retailer turned their business into a multi-million dollar trade with the help of social media:

  • “Wez Bryett happily admits that understanding the fashion whims of women aged between 16-26 years isn’t exactly his strong suit.
  • But the digital expert, who launched the digital arm of fashion retailer Princess Polly in 2010 with his wife Eirin, clearly has a good understanding of e-commerce. The business is turning over more than $10 million online, plus nine retail stores (including some franchises).
  • “Instagram is getting a lot more traction. It’s just a great creative outlet.” he says. “Girls are still using Facebook, but they are using a variety of social media platforms now.”
  • Princess Polly posts regularly across social media and, like many fashion brands, has worked hard to ensure its photography is of a high quality. The site is particularly clean, with a good deal of white space. “We want to keep it clean so we make our product pop. Our range is very colourful.”
  • Social media is also important as a market research tool. As a new garment gets shown off on social media, the Princess Polly team get rapid feedback on whether their community will embrace a product.”

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