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Creating your own brand identity


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Remember the name Adam Pacitti? If so, you probably remember a young English man back in 2009 who had a dream about his perfect girlfriend. He was so entranced with this image that he woke up drew a picture of her and went on a worldwide search. Sadly he never found the girl of his dreams. Fast forward to 2012 and Adam had graduated from his university studies with a degree in media production. And like most graduates he struggled to find a job in his preferred field. After losing his job at the arcade where he was working and not having any luck with his job applications, Adam decided to spend the last of his money to rent a billboard in Shoreditch, London asking potential employers to give him a job with his website The campaign went viral and Adam was swamped with hundreds of job offers eventually landing his dream job in media production.


Ok great, he found his dream job but what has that got to do with anything? Let’s first look at the campaign he ran for himself. He made his intentions known and had a vision in mind as to how he wanted to get the attention of employers. If you’re a job seeker, the first thing you need to do is work out what sort of position you are looking for. Now that you know which field of work you want to enter start researching companies associated with that industry. If you want to be a journalist, an industry that is hard to break into for a graduate, don’t get discouraged if don’t land that dream job at your desired newspaper. Instead, use social media to showcase what you have to offer potential employers.


Social media is the most advantageous tool you can use to promote yourself. After all you are trying to promote yourself. If you have written an article that is worthy of the front page, splash it all over your social media that you use. Share it on Facebook, tweet it to followers, upload it to Google+. Promote it like it’s going out of fashion, create a following, even if you don’t get paid for that article, use it to create a portfolio to for future job interviews that you may have. It is a free resource so use it to your advantage, and sites such as BlogSpot and WordPress reach a worldwide audience. With so many platforms, use them to create a collection of your works so that when you apply for jobs you will stand out from the rest.


Also, monitor how you use your social media. If you use it like most people to communicate with friends, no doubt you write you as ‘u’ and by the way as ‘btw’, if so try to avoid that and start to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. If want to work in a professional environment, employers want to see how well you can read and write, so unless you are referring to the name of an organisation try avoiding acronyms. Obviously when talking to friends you can express yourself however you want, but if you have created a personal page for yourself where you publish your work, monitor and manage your content and how you present yourself to others.

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