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What we want versus what we need

We all have wants and needs

We all have wants and needs


I’m sure at one point or another we have been faced with a decision where we must decide whether we want or need that particular product. One of my closest friends had said to me that they wanted to get a tattoo, a full sleeve at that. He asked me what I thought about tattoos and I said that if you’re into them then by all means get one, but take into consideration the need for it. Do you really need a sleeve tattoo? He looked at me and said that I had a valid point. The cost was the major factor in his decision as to whether he should get inked.

Eventually he said that maybe when he has his finances are in order that he may consider getting tattooed but for now he’ll save his money. My friend’s conundrum got me thinking about times where I faced a similar situation as to whether I need something more than I wanted it. Of course I have had my fair share of impulse buys on things that I didn’t need but wanted them so the desire got the better of me, and yes just like everyone I’ve had had buyer’s remorse. However, for a business creating the want is vital for their success, especially for the retail industry.

Your marketing towards your targeted demographic should persuade them to want something more than they need. We all want a high powered sports car, in reality we just need a vehicle that will get us from point a to point b. But why do we desire that dream car so badly? Because of the brand. The brand is what we want not the actual car. We want to say, yes I drive this model car and we represent that brand. Without even realising it we become ambassadors of that brand. We represent that brand that maybe synonymous with an influential person or has historical relevance to a particular period of time, or we just like the look or name of the brand. Either way we become walking billboards.

Nowadays people love showing off on social media of things they have purchased, and of courses we may be envious of them or happy for them. But ultimately what they are doing is advertising the product on behalf of the brand. They are telling their friends ‘look what I have just purchased’ but without realising the fact they are just endorsing a brand. This is why the want far outweighs the need, and businesses should start to shift their focus to the want of the consumer. People are happy to pay for the name of something simply because of the name.

The best thing that a business can have going for them is happy clients who will promote the companies brand over social media, one because they are excited about the product, and two it costs them (the company) nothing in advertising fees. The client has willingly advertised it for them. The brand you create should be the brand that people want to be seen with.

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