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Connecting as a friend on social media

Engaging with your clients on a more personal level

Engage with your clients on a more personal level on social media

Yes you have read that correctly, disconnect from all your social media that you use. In fact go 24 to 48, you know what, make it an even 72 hours before you log back onto Facebook or re-tweet that hilarious post or upload the picture of that delicious steak dinner you ate at the local on Tuesday night. Think you can go this long without using any form of social media? If you can you are better person than I am.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and before I give a definitive answer no I have not lost the plot, or have become an anti-social media advocate. But you’re a social media marketing agency why are you telling me to log off my social media for?

Put it this way, how often do you see a status that someone has posted that makes no sense, or a picture that is reminiscent of the hotel scene from The Hangover? I bet that there is about 20 or more people who like that status or picture and 50 comments below it. How awesome is it when you have all those likes.

So what has this got to do with my advice to shut off social media? Well as an individual you post a Facebook status or an instagram upload reach a certain audience. You are giving information away about something personal to share with friends, family and followers because it is how connect with them on a personal level. And that’s exactly what it is, personal.

For a business to do this it would make no sense. Or would it? How awesome would it be if a retail giant liked a status that a young woman has posted to her own account? She would be beside herself showing all her friends and feeling the love from that company.

Connecting with your followers on social media uses a different method of reaching your audience by being personal and connecting with them on a personal level.

Think of it like a celebrity on twitter. They may have two million followers, whom are fans of the particular celebrity (at least you hope they are all fans). They post a tweet about a new pair of jeans they’ve purchased. Instead of people re-tweeting that post, they begin using word-of-mouth amongst their friends. “Hey did you see such and such wearing those $500 Gucci pants on that they posted on their twitter page?”

Now that is just an example of social media usage. As a business connecting with your followers should be about creating a relationship with your consumers rather than promoting specials. If you have a new line of products coming in-store and you post a Facebook status with hints about the release date, what’s the first thing a consumer does when they are shopping in that store? “Excuse me, has the new product come in yet?” That connection creates more than just a transaction.

By using social media to promote your business as a social forum rather than an advertising board, you connect with the consumer on a personal level rather than seeing them as just another customer in store.



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