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Top tips to kick start your business.

Business Tips

Business Tips

You have started your very own business and are now a new player in the market. Now that the initial honeymoon period is over, it’s time to get this ball rolling and ensure that your business is a success. There are going to be ups and downs just like there is with anything in life, but it important to keep on track with your business.

Here are some tips on how to keep your business going and making sure it keeps on thriving.

1. Have a strategic plan

It might be the most obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised just how many people lose track as to why they are going into their desired business. Before you even go to the bank to ask for the loan, sit down and write down what you plan for this business is make sure you put it as a long term plan, and always review it to see how you’re tracking. You’re plan should not just be to make money (although that is the whole point of starting a business), but focus on the specifics of what you want out of the business and what the business is about. “I want to help others, it’s my passion and I want to get paid doing what I love, I want to be my own boss.” Whatever your reason may be, put it in your plan.

2. Advertise on all relevant platforms.

Advertising doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, in fact with the right strategies in place, it won’t cost you a cent. Social media platforms are free and easy to set up and use. More importantly you can connect to a wider target audience than what you would if you were to advertise on television or radio. If you have the funds, yes do advertise on the mainstream platforms, and get your business out there, if not use the social media and promote the hell out of your business. Use it a platform to connect with your clients, advertise what your business has to offer and promote all the good things your business and use it to your advantage, it is free after all. Social media is only going to keep expanding, so why not expand your business with it?

3. Focus on creating long lasting relationships with your clients

Sometimes it is easy to forget that your clients are the reason why you started the business. They are the reason why you’re business is making money and having loyal customers is vital to successful business. If you have lost a long-term customer don’t try to replace them, re-connect with them and try to re-establish that relationship you had with them. When a new client comes, develop a bond with them and connect on a level that is more than just a business one. Focus on giving them an experience with your business rather than the money they are willing to spend, as they are more than just a transaction.

4. Don’t burn yourself out

Stress is a major factor in any business, it can really play havoc on your health when things start going bad. If things begin to turn unfavourable, take a break from work for a day or two and refresh yourself. The last thing you want is to have a break down, or implode over something trivial. Rather than stressing, use that time with family, or focus on other hobbies or passions in life. Do whatever you feel is necessary to unwind and forget about work for a moment and just enjoy the time you have away from it.

5. Create a network

Get your name out there. Word of mouth is the best way to promote yourself, so when   an opportunity presents itself (and it will) such as job fairs, company meet and greets, business networking fairs, grasp it with two hands and create networks with prospective business partners. Don’t just look at the field you work in, see if you there are companies willing to cross-promote your brand and how you can benefit theirs. Connecting with other businesses is an opportunity that can really determine just how successful you can become. At these events, don’t be afraid to promote your business, make no apologies if you feel like you’re bragging, you want to be known and word of mouth is a powerful method of advertising.

- DV

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