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Head of Strategy Development

CathyTo briefly list Cathy’s achievements, one would have to dedicate many hours and pages of research.  She has graced many corporations and government departments with her strategic work, including Tourism Australia and the Victorian Government.

Some of her work included:

  • Developing the The Frankston Sea Festival from 4,000 attendance and $25,000 in funding to a festival of 15- 25,000 attendance and $125,000 in funding through the work in 2008.
  • Prepared the Marketing Strategy for the Melbourne South East Region, a grouping of 11 Councils and 3 utilities.
  • Initiated and developed for Docklands the Melbourne Waterfront Seafood & Wine Festival 2003 & 04
  • The Councils of the Maribyrnong River Valley attracted over $600,000 in funding through Cathy’s strategy and execution. Her work involved to improve the marketing and development of the river environs that resulted in higher use and profile of the River.


An example of Cathy’s proficiency is her time managing the Federal Government funded NEIS program, assisting people start their own businesses through extensive consultation and training. Cathy’s tenure at Neis oversaw the highest rate of achievement in the history of the program, averaging 93- 95% success and assisting in the start-up of over 1000 businesses. Some of her work included:

Cathy is the Head of Strategy Development who will be involved in initial and ongoing social media strategy.

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