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Director – Creative

KeithKeith is an exception to all rules in the industry, his remarkable story and career in advertising extends over the last 13 years absolutely packed with most astonishing work quality and effective communication portfolio.
His experience extends across Europe and Australia. His most impressive creative work derived from Germany for national clients. The fusion of his brilliant creative mind and extensive skills in graphic design, illustration, photography, videography and music production gives Keith advantage in producing most amazing advertising materials and developing effective successful campaigns.

His portfolio was conceived from clients across Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, UK and Australia.

His passion for advertising is overwhelming and highly motivational when working in a team. In addition to his exceptional work he received certificates and awards from various German and Australian educational institutions. His work overhangs between artistic and logical approach that makes the work unique while meeting client brief requirement. Keith’s understanding of branding and advertising is amplified through his experience of operating successful production studios in Germany.
His attitude towards perfection is undeniable as he will reach out to extreme level to deliver competitive and effective work for clients. Keiths input and creative abilities continue delivering substantial value for Crowd Media HQ.

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