Social Media Reporting

The Rate of Influence, Rate of Conversation
and Rate of Engement

It is often argued that the ROI of social media campaigns are not measureable. This is unfathomable when online marketing is one of the most measureable forms of marketing. You can can’t track almost every action a person is conducing online. In the social media world, ROI extends further to the rate of influence, conversion and engagement.

Rate of Influence measures how an organisation’s ‘influence’ delivers a positive return to the company.  The rate of conversation refers to the measure of how participating in ‘conversations’ around your brand delivers a return to the organisation and rate of engagement measures the value that driving ‘engagement’ from social media platforms bring to the company.

The best way for you to see the success of your social media campaign is through our monthly reports that highlight the progress of your social media investment.
The report will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and looks at opportunities for you to improve and grow upon.