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The Crowd

Picture this: you’re a brand with a vision. Your vision is a bit different than most – you want to turn heads and break down barriers with your work. Think content that draws inspiration from the ins and outs of modern life, from TikTok and Tiger King to the newest tech trends. You want your brand to get in the game, making its way to the top, but you’re having trouble finding an agency that gets your unique vibe. These agencies are just – how do you say it? – a little bit boring. They don’t get your market or what you are trying to do.
If you are a brand that wants to push buttons, make a statement or break the internet, it’s time for you to join the Crowd. At Crowd Media, we believe in creating digital media that pioneers, inspires, outrages and transpires. We want to work with you to create digital content that stands out from the crowd. Let us be the Jen to your Brad, the wine to your cheeseboard, the Bunnings snag to your Saturday morning. Name a more iconic duo than us…we’ll wait.


Some of us may become activists. Others may turn into bona fide Insta influencers. For all we know, one of us could end up being the Prime Minister. What we all have in common is that we are part of the Crowd.

The awesome team at Crowd is bound by a shared love of what we do. We aim to generate content that validates, challenges and liberates what you think, changing the world one social media post at a time.

Nobody knows your brand better than you!

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