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Build Customer Loyalty.

Social media should be in the repertoire of every business on the market now, and it is a great tool to utilise when you are working to build a loyal customer base. There are plenty of ways you can interact with your customers on social media that you can’t use in real life to hone your customer service skills and build up customer loyalty and ensure they remain faithful to your brand. Social media can give you the insights you need into your customers to make sure your services are meeting their needs and expectations, and since it is available for everyone, why wouldn’t you turn to it to help build up your customer loyalty?


Your customers want to know that there is a person behind the corporation, and if you are looking to build your base on social media, make sure to acknowledge what your customers are saying. If someone chooses to place a review on your Facebook page, take the time to like it! Make sure people know their efforts are being noticed, and they will start to develop a personal connection with your business.

It takes very little time to simply like a post or write off a quick thank you, but it can make all the difference in boosting a customer’s morale and view of your company. With social media, customer acknowledgement has never been easier.


Since Facebook’s pages for businesses have started booming, more and more customers have given up calling helplines in lieu of posting a question or query onto the company’s Facebook wall. The companies with the strongest company bases are ones who take the time to offer support over social media, and do so with a rapid turnaround. Bigger businesses are now offering 24/7 support via their Facebook page, and whilst this might not be feasible for every company, that level of dedication to customer service is admirable.

At the end of the day, no matter how good your product is, if customers can’t get help with the problems they have, they will turn somewhere else for business. Consider adapting your Facebook page to a customer service hub, and reap the benefits of happy clients.


There are plenty of ways to encourage customer engagement with your Facebook and other social pages that will keep people coming back for more. Businesses are starting to develop reward programs for users who interact with their social media. Posting pictures with products onto social platforms can earn simple rewards, but it doesn’t even have to be that complicated.

You can develop ways to offer customers coupons and discounts to keep them interested simply by getting your audience to like or comment on certain posts. It’s a great way of engaging people further with your platform and continuing to keep their business.


If you have something in the works, ask your customers what they want to see more. Not only will you be engaging people with your social media, but you’ll also give customers a feeling of involvement. Being part of the decision making process will keep them interested in the product, and will also make them keep their eyes open for future developments within your business.

One of the easiest ways of working with this method is by posting two designs or colour schemes of the same product, and simply asking customers to vote on what they like more. Whether or not you go with the customer’s decision is up to you, but regardless, they will feel involved and invested in the future of your company.

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