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If you still think Pinterest is the domain of hobbyists and DIY-gurus, you might want to revaluate your idea of the social media platform. Whilst the website is still loaded with creative projects you can do at home and virtual pin boards loaded with inspirational quotes, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the best platforms for businesses looking to expand. Here are five tips for how your business can start using Pinterest to jumpstart your social media presence.

  1. Develop a Lifestyle, Not Just a Product

The most obvious feature of Pinterest is just how dynamic it is as a visual resource. For businesses, this offers you the best opportunity possible to develop your brand as more than just a product range. Companies like True & Co.Anthropologie, and West Elm are just three of the many companies who are using Pinterest to further develop their company’s identity. It’s about showing your customers what you are really about, rather than just coming across as an impersonal business. Your lifestyle boards can also be used to inspire your customers, and give them ideas of how they can incorporate your products into their everyday life. One of the best ways to develop your brand’s “lifestyle” on Pinterest is to keep your aesthetic consistent and true to the brand itself.

  1. Crowdsource Content for Your Boards

If you have customers on Pinterest, ask them to get involved in the creation of your boards. It’s a great way of building customer engagement and loyalty, too. Ask customers to take a photo of themselves with your product and upload it online, and then give shoutouts to the customers whose pictures you like best. Make sure not to play favourites and try to acknowledge as many posts as possible. This is a great way of showing potential new customers just how they can interact with your product and how strong your customer service really is.

  1. Show Your Humanity

For customers, one of the biggest turnoffs they face with major brands is just how impersonal they can seem. Now, as we move further into the digital age, there are very few excuses as to why a company can’t be transparent, and for businesses who are hiding behind-the-scenes glimpses of their workplace, it can sometimes come off as evasive and odd not to involve your customers in as much of the business as possible. Pinterest is an easy, open way of showing your customers just how your business functions behind-the-scenes, and gives your brand a much more personal approach.

  1. Tap Into Promoted Pins

Whilst casual Pinners might not consider the benefit of Promoted Pins, if you are a business, it is well worth considering the bonuses of this aspect of Pinterest. Promoted Pins are an incredibly affordable way of engaging people and driving traffic to your business. By paying a one-off fee for the initial pin, your product will be boosted and promoted across the site. Once you’ve paid for the pin to be promoted, every repin, like, and comment after that is just an added bonus, so you certainly get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Inspire Your Team – and Your Customers, Too

Those inspirational quotes we talked about before? Consider using them as a way of focusing and inspiring your team to be the best that they can be in a company-centric inspiration board. It will keep your employees on track, and also show your customers that you want your staff to be the best version of themselves possible. Having such a positive outlook will rub off on your employees, and will also inspire your customers and boost their morale. It’s another way of putting your best face forward as a business, and letting your audience know that you have a kind heart and want what is best for the people involved with your brand.

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