Our Process

How We Help Brands

Want to be part of the Crowd?

There’s only one way to tell if we are the right fit for you.  Sharing your goals, passions and the big dream.  We’ll sort out everything else.

1. Tell us about your problem

something grinding your business gears? Tell us what’s not working out for you and we’ll ascertain whether we can help you solve it

2. Who is the audience you care about

give us the intel on who you’re looking to connect with and we’ll work out how you can engage with them

3. What do you want to achieve

success needn’t be unattainable. Tell us what goals, metrics or targets you are looking to achieve

4. Can we achieve this?

Now the onus is on us! You’ve given us what we need to know so we can make an internal assessment about our suitability to help your business

5. Pre strategy session

you’ve outlined tour vision, now it’s time for us to show you ours - we will provide you with a blueprint that outlines how we’ll achieve your goals

6. Proposal

the groundwork has been set, now it’s time to get started on devising a Crowd-approved digital marketing strategy!

7. Discovery session/workshop

here is where the action begins. Together, we hash out a blueprint and marketing plan to move your business forward

8. Results

has our hard work paid off? We can tell you through measurement and management of various metrics to see if you are getting solid ROI

9. Join the tribe

we love connecting with like-minded creatives. Be part of the Crowd and your brand will feature in our publications and be invited to our exclusive events