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Social Media allows your brand to stand out from the pack.

Stand Out

Have every spent thousands on dollars on advertising in the hope of increasing your brand awareness? How did it go for you? Did you reach the target market you wanted? Did you convert prospects to paying customers?

In Australia, businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on Advertising. However rarely do they get their return on their investment. Why is this? Majority of the time, this is due to a lack of strategy. While there are many avenues of advertising, as a business owner you need to understand the most cost effective and efficient media channels that will work for your business.

A very cost effective yet highly efficient form of marketing to increase in brand awareness in your target audience is social media marketing. Social media enables businesses to reach more people at significantly lower costs than traditional forms of marketing channels. Brand awareness is essentially getting more ‘eyeballs’ on the brand through creative advertising campaigns.

At Crowd we design campaigns that are memorable. We use innovative approaches like product placement to capture the attention of thousands of people. We integrate social media strategies with traditional marketing strategies to get in front of new captive audience.

Whatever your social media goal is, you need to able to measure success. Some of the questions to ask regarding brand awareness:

  • Can we capitalise on an already known brand name?
  • Do we have the right resources to dedicate on creating compelling, engaging, unique content designed to reach our target market?
  • Can we leverage our brand using other influencers in the industry who are not directly competing with us?

Whatever the questions is, you need to have a strong strategy when it comes to building your brand awareness. This is the voice of your brand that needs to resonate well with our customers.

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