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Social Media Strategy for Car Rentals

Social Media for Car Rentals.

Social Media for Car Rentals.

Like many sectors before, visuals do play an important role in the car rental sector. Vehicles are visual beasts, and photos and videos of your business’s fleet is a good way to attract an audience to your range.

With many alternative competitors available, online deals via social media are also a prominent way to keep audience’s eyes on your business. You want your social media to be of benefit to your followers- they won’t follow you for just any reason. Saving your customers money via your social media pages is an important element.

However, at its most fundamental, a car rental business should use a social media platform for customer service. The easiest way for a consumer to seek answers regarding their enquiries about particular vehicles and store locations is to quickly ask a social media page. The quicker you respond, and the more informative and empowering the more trustworthy and referable you become.

For all the direct communication with your customers online, it is also helpful to break it up with conversation starters. Questions regarding an audience’s favourite vehicle from your fleet, common places of visit using your vehicles. All positive interaction with your audiences sees them become the brand advocates with their positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Furthermore, feedback is an important element of your industry, and this is no different online. Should a customer not be satisfied with your services, or if there was a misunderstanding, how you respond to feedback and criticism will be representative of your business. Proving that you are willing to listen and take time to honor your customers with an appropriate response is a hugely beneficial action for your business.

Additionally, the car rental industry on social media can have a very functional existence. Rather than just being about lead generation, an application can be integrated to easily allow users to create bookings via a social media page, or link the section on the website to allow this. Either way, it is increased exposure for the brand, and easier access to the booking process.

Currently, Enterprise in America is the best example of how to run a successful car rental campaign on social media, growing at 34%, more than double the industry average. Forming part of their success is their immediacy of response :

“Enterprise takes customer support seriously,” replying to more than 1,000 tweets in an average of less than two hours, Unmetric says.

Unmetric’s unique “Engagement Score”, which is calculated based on the number of likes, comments, shares and estimated impressions each post gets, gives a fair comparison of the quality of the content on the page

The content strategy employed by Enterprise integrates current events, brand information, travel tips, CSR activities and other uniquely branded posts. Its series of “Family Road Trip Tips” have been a huge hit and the standardization in the images makes them easily recognizable from a branding perspective. The quotes/ideas from employees brings out the human side of the company and is a content strategy that is shown to work very well for other “non-sexy” brands.

To round out Enterprise’s social media strategy, its YouTube channel has a good catalogue of videos and it is updated regularly with new content. Unlike brands which just add TVCs to their respective channels, Enterprise has created unique videos especially for YouTube viewers.”

(Source: Tnooz, 2013)


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