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Director – Digital Media

From a young age Judy displayed a desire for problem solving and creativity. Her first tertiary experience was Chemical Engineering and Science, where she excelled at formulating solutions to challenging equations.

Judy’s next career step was business, becoming absorbed by the way organisations interact, communicate and share information with consumers. Through her work with corporate firms, she developed an understanding of the ability of media to influence people’s purchase decisions. With the impending growth of social media, Judy recognised a new wave of marketing innovation and embarked on another different career direction.

After working on digital marketing campaigns for numerous organisations, it became clear to Judy that many businesses were misguided when it came to utilising the social media space, unable to translate their online presence into a meaningful return on investment.

Judy’s experience across a range of disciplines enabled her to pool her intellectual resources into her current role as Director of Crowd Media HQ (CMHQ)

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