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4 hacks to help market your business on LinkedIn.

Anyone who hopes to call themselves business savvy should have a LinkedIn profile, and utilising the only social media platform that is specifically catered to professionals is a great way to get ahead in the industry you are interested in. But, like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn have developed business profiles for companies looking to expand their horizons in the online sphere. Considering LinkedIn’s primary demographic is professionals across all fields, learning how to market your company on the website could help you attract the right sort of people, both as future employees and as future customers. There are a few handy tips to keep in mind and steps to take if you are planning on using LinkedIn to promote your brand, so read on to find out how to go about it to achieve maximum results.

  1. Develop your profile

Making sure your business is as fully fleshed out as possible on LinkedIn is going to give your brand the credibility it needs to be recognised. Take the time to fill out your business’ profile, and make sure you put the proper effort in. Profiles on LinkedIn, both for individuals and businesses, show up more frequently on search engines if they have more content filled out, so its worth filling in as much as you can to drive the most traffic to your brand’s page.

Keep the branding you use consistent across all social media platforms, but remember that LinkedIn’s audience is much more professional than your brand’s Facebook page, so make sure to appeal to that side of the site, too. Ask yourself what your brand can do for other professionals and make sure to list that in your profile. Before you make the final touches, ensure that all of your contact information is up to date, so that people can definitely seek you out if they want more information.

  1. Take advantage of the myriad of networks

LinkedIn has a significant number of professional groups that people can join to associate themselves with likeminded people in the industries they are interested in. Businesses can get involved, too, and whilst it isn’t encouraged to just flog your services again and again in these groups, it is a good way of getting to know your demographic and linking yourself up with other businesses.

There are plenty of groups for individual cities and areas, but if there isn’t one that suits your niche, making a group that appeals to you will also appeal to other people. It’s likely there has always been someone out there just waiting to join a group like yours and get networking, and by taking the initiative, your brand can start to look like a leader.

  1. Utilise LinkedIn Pulse

Promoted posts are one of the most important tools for businesses across all forms of social media, and LinkedIn’s contribution is no difference. LinkedIn Pulse allows users to narrow the stream of content they receive so they only read what is important to them, and allows brands the best chance at getting noticed by the right people. The Pulse system means that your brand can post an article on LinkedIn and target at your ideal demographic, with a very high chance of them actually getting to read it if you tag your article correctly. With LinkedIn being one of the Internet’s most visited websites, there are plenty of users who will be able to access your content if your promote it correctly.

  1. Keep active in the community

Ensure you post frequently in both the groups and using LinkedIn Pulse to make sure people can take notice of you. Otherwise, you could just fade into the ether with the many other LinkedIn accounts. If you have gone ahead and started joining groups and networks across the site, stay active within them and contribute to discourse with your own take on things.

Remember, though, that whilst you might be on LinkedIn to grow your brand, you shouldn’t go in with that as your only motive. LinkedIn is a great learning experience for any business or professional, and people can sniff out your ulterior motive if it seems you are interacting on the site simply for a selfish gain. Being generous and kind is always greatly appreciated, and it is definitely important to stand out in people’s minds for the right reasons.

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